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Thomas Huffman, Pastor

Thomas Huffman, Pastor

CITY BAPTIST CHURCH OF ABQ, founded by Thomas W. Huffman in 2001, a native to Albuquerque, New Mexico. At age 18 I joined the United States Navy. After serving my country, I left San Diego, Ca. to visit family in Panama City Fl. where I would spend the next 13 years;  Working in public relations at the worlds largest private beach club “Club La Vela” for nine years, and as a DJ on Panama City’s Pure Rock & Roll “Rock 103”.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior at Berean Baptist Church in Albuquerque, NM under the ministry of Pastor Charlie Yates. Up until 1993 my walk & relationship with God had been hit and miss, mostly miss. At age 10 I felt the call of God on my life but did not understand what that would someday mean. By age 28 I had become a slave to the devil’s lies. I was a drunk and everything in between. I did it my way.  Heartache beyond measure and emptiness was its reward. Drugs and alcohol could no longer out run the pain I was running from. I had left God. But He never left me.

Early one January morning in Florida, while sitting in a coffee shop, hair to the middle of my back smoking a cigarette, God opened my eyes for what felt like the first time. God allowed me to see how much He really loved me and that He had never left me. My life has never been the same!

For the next 19 years my relationship with God has been a personal one. Since that day, I have never drank or done drugs again. Six months later I would quit smoking, To God be the glory! In 2000, I graduated from TRINITY BAPTIST COLLEGE in Jacksonville, Florida. Obeying God, I returned to Albuquerque to start CBC.  In October of 2010 we purchased our very own building!  We will celebrate our 12 year anniversary Easter Sunday March 31, 2013.   I am so thankful God keeps His promises, even when we fail to. Jesus Christ is the sinner’s friend. We are as real as it gets.
I hope you will come grow with us. CITY BAPTIST CHURCH is here to make a difference.  A life/work in progress.

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  1. Tom Jones says:

    Pastor Tom,
    It was a real pleasure to see and hear from you during your visit to Freedom Baptist Church. It was an inspiration to hear someone who walks the talk, takes action by giving it all away, and stands forward before the world expressing his faith in the Bible and our Lord Jesus Christ. May your work one day produce fruit and richness beyond your wildest dreams. I can see God blessing you. Sincerely,
    Tom Jones

    • Pastor says:

      Hello Tom, thank you for your encouragement. I will never forget the people @ Freedom Baptist Church, Ax. Virginia. I learned so much from your Pastor, staff, and people. Thanks again for your kind words. See you soon.
      Pastor Tom

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